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Microsoft Fabric Online Training

About The Course

Azure Databricks training(ADB) in Hyderabad is an easy, fast, and collaborative Apache spark-based analytics platform. It accelerates innovation by bringing data science data engineering and business together. Making the process of data analytics more productive more secure more scalable and optimized for Azure.

Databricks cloud service is built by the team that started the Spark research project at UC Berkeley that later became Apache Spark and is the leading Spark-based analytics platform. This new service, named Microsoft Azure Databricks training, provides data science and data engineering teams with a fast, easy and collaborative Spark-based platform on Azure. It gives Azure users a single platform for Big Data processing and Machine Learning.

Best Azure Databricks training is a “first party” Microsoft service, the result of a unique year-long collaboration between the Microsoft and Databricks teams to provide Databricks’ Apache Spark-based analytics service as an integral part of the Microsoft Azure platform.

ADB training in Hyderabad leverages Azure’s security and seamlessly integrates with Azure services such as Azure Active Directory, SQL Data Warehouse, and Power BI.

  • Azure Databricks + Apache Spark + enterprise cloud = Azure Databricks
  • It is a fully-managed version of the open-source Apache Spark analytics and it features optimized connectors to storage platforms for the quickest possible data access.
  • It offers a notebook-oriented Apache Spark as-a-service workspace environment which makes it easy to explore data interactively and manage clusters
  • It is secure cloud-based machine learning and big data platform.
  • It is supporting multiple languages such as Scala, Python, R, Java, and SQL.

Course Features :

40 Hrs Instructer Led Training
Job Assistance
30 Hrs Self-paced Videos
Lifetime Video Access
Flexible Schedule
Mentor Support

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